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Katie O'Dell Photographer

{what to wear} 
Be comfortable! 
Wear what makes you feel good, because being relaxed and happy is the key to beautiful portraits.

Simple, classic, relaxed clothes will ensure that your portraits are timeless.

Most natural, solid colors are easy to capture, and lighter colors create a bright reflection on your skin outdoors. Satuarated bright and neon tints are hard to capture, and they can overpower the people in the picture...I’d rather capture you! Not your neon floral ensemble.

Neutrals are generally good foundations for groups, although everyone in the same clothes looks awkward...unless you normally dress alike ;)

I suggest some interesting textures and patterns, with splashes of color! Maybe even color that can be added or taken away, in the form of a scarf, a wrap, a cardigan. I do have some sample wardrobe palets available that i can text or email, just let me know!
I love fun and varied patterns mixed into a collage of color! Most of all do what suits your family, considering what your vision is for your portraits. Wear what YOU love!

Don't forget about texture of your clothing fabrics. Feel free to layer nubby sweaters, wraps, silky blouses, crisp cotton, or relaxed linens.

Consider where the portrait will hang. Will it hang in a formal or casual setting? 
What is the color scheme in that room? What is the feeling you would like your portrait to evoke?

What is the purpose of the portrait? Do you want it to commemorate a milestone? In that case, current, trendy clothes may be just perfect! Feel free to bring along props...musical instruments, sports equipment, favorite toys, to 'tell your story'.

Pets are family, and of course be included in your portraits. They can sense your tension, though, and may be stressed. 

{time of day} 
The sun can dictate the best time of day to shoot! As a rule, the lower the sun in the sky, the more favorable the light for portraits. The harsh mid-day sun directly above casts very severe shadows. In the fall and winter, the sun is naturally lower in the sky, creating a warmer, softer light all day. In spring and summer, the best time to take pictures is the late afternoon or a few hours before sunset. (or the first few after sunrise, but refer to the first paragraph in regard to being relaxed and anyone truly happy that early in the morning??) But if we can find some comfortable shade, we can work through anytime of day that works for your family.

Feel free to suggest any location, within reason! I am open to shooting in your home or yard, a spot in your neighborhood or a park...keeping in mind the background in terms of sun direction. The sun should be coming from behind the you,or from the side and behind. Looking into the sun is not flattering (or comfortable!). Overcast days are beautiful for shooting, and actually have a softer, more forgiving light, but may not give you the crisp 'glow' that the sun can impart. So flexibility is necessary with outdoor shooting, when we make your appointment, we will almost certainly make plans for a backup day. 
I do have  studio equipment in my home, which is portable, if you'd rather have studio portraits. (Sometimes it's just easier with babies and toddlers.)  When you make your appointment, please just let me know that you'd prefer studio portraits!

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