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Katie O'Dell Photographer

thank you!
for your interest in my photography. 

I love nothing more than capturing the heart and energy of a family to preserve for a lifetime!

I try to accomplish that by providing a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere that allows your family to have fun and be themselves.

Love is only invisible until you snap a picture of it!
I like helping create something that will make you smile every time you see it.
I smile looking back at the families I've photographed through the years, watching them grow...documenting their love.

Time CAN stand still, for an instant, in a photograph.
Families grow and change so quickly! I am happy to help be a preserver of ‘moments',
to help create keepsakes that will be cherished by the families who have shared some happy moments with me.
...Not that every session is perfect by any means! I’ve seen tears, tantrums, meltdowns...wind, rain, sweltering heat ...and just about anything a dog can do! But I really enjoy people, (and dogs!) and I assure you I have infinite patience when it comes to your children! (mine are another thing altogether...)

Family is family: and what happens in the portrait session stays in the portrait session. All that’s left at the end of the day are the smiles!
And memories.

I love shooting outdoors, but some of my favorite photographs have come from a portable studio set-up, especially with newborns.  So I do a lot of both. 

Whatever your vision for your portrait, I can help you capture it.

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